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Largest places in Belize

The largest cities and places in Belize at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belize.

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Largest places in Belize
Belize City Belize City1.Belize Belize61,461
San Ignacio San Ignacio2.Cayo Cayo16,812
Orange Walk Orange Walk3.Orange Walk Orange Walk15,298
Belmopan Belmopan4.Cayo Cayo13,381
Dangriga Dangriga5.Stann Creek Stann Creek10,750
Corozal Corozal6.Corozal Corozal9,871
San Pedro San Pedro7.Belize Belize8,418
Benque Viejo del Carmen Benque Viejo del Carmen8.Cayo Cayo7,092
Punta Gorda Punta Gorda9.Toledo Toledo5,205
Placencia Placencia10.Stann Creek Stann Creek4,300
Shipyard Shipyard11.Orange Walk Orange Walk3,522
Valley of Peace Valley of Peace12.Cayo Cayo1,809

1 - 12 of 12 places

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